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Clients Testimonials

  • Thank you so much for doing a great job at short notice. The Frames look great and the private view went well.

    Best wishes and thanks again.

    Susan Johankanecht, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library in the South Bank Centre, March 2012
  • The Frames look lovely, thank you.

    Katharine Meymell, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library Exhibition on the South Bank, March 2012
  • Received and look good, artists are happy.

    [In relation to Exhibition at the South Bank Centre]

    Chris McCabe, Southbank Centre
  • I am the Interpretation Manager for ‘Victoria Reveal’. Thank you for mounting the photos so beautifully and for your patience with all our problems.

    [In relation for March 2012 reopening of Kensington Palace]

    Alexandra Gaffikin AMA Kensington Palace


Dry mounting is an ideal technique to bond to board and flatten posters, photos and other works of art

What is Dry Mounting?

Dry Mounting is the use of a dry tissue adhesive that is activated by heat from a heat press or an iron to bond artwork or a piece of fabric to a mounting board. The tissue is placed between the object to be mounted and the board. A high temperature is used to liquefy the tissue. Depending on the type of tissue used, the bonding occurs in the press or after removal.

Hot Press London North West

When is it Suitable to use Dry Mounting?

Dry mounting is primarily used to mount photographs, posters, and any art-work that is water-sensitive. This system of mounting flattens the artwork to give a clean look. It is easier, faster, and more versatile than wet mounting.

It can also be used simply to flatten and remove creases from artwork.

Dry mounting is a non-reversible process and should not be used on high value works of art of ones that have a high sentimental value. It is ideal for posters and some photographs.

HotPress HPG360

We have a market leading Hotpress Vacuum HPG360. Which can be used for artwork of dimensions 1000 mm by 1650 mm (41” by 65”)

London North West Hot PressWorldly Wicked and Wise London Hot Press

We are here to help and our framers will be more than happy to discuss the options available and whether or not they are suitable for your work.