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Clients Testimonials

  • The Frames look lovely, thank you.

    Katharine Meymell, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library Exhibition on the South Bank, March 2012
  • Thank you so much for doing a great job at short notice. The Frames look great and the private view went well.

    Best wishes and thanks again.

    Susan Johankanecht, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library in the South Bank Centre, March 2012
  • I am the Interpretation Manager for ‘Victoria Reveal’. Thank you for mounting the photos so beautifully and for your patience with all our problems.

    [In relation for March 2012 reopening of Kensington Palace]

    Alexandra Gaffikin AMA Kensington Palace
  • Received and look good, artists are happy.

    [In relation to Exhibition at the South Bank Centre]

    Chris McCabe, Southbank Centre

News & Topics

At our Queens Park Picture Framing Workshop this is a good way to frame artwork which is both conservational and visually very appealing Deep box frames can accommodate artwork which has been floated on acid free mountboard and keeps the artwork away from the glass Particularly effective for artwork which is not completely flat Artwork is secured with either acid free tapes or conversational glue both techniques of attaching artwork are fully reversible with no damage to the artwork. Also used for framing 3D artworks A few examples of this work are show below.   Whatever your requirement your picture framer will talk you through the options and prices until you are completely satisfied.

Bring your picture framing work into our Queens park workshop and gallery this weekend and have an enjoyable half-day or whole day out this weekend in and around Queen’s Park. Queen’s Park There is of course Queen’s Park itself and its many facilities. If you are sporty, there are the tennis courts, mini 9 hole golf course and outdoor table tennis facilities. If you fancy wandering around there is a nature walk, a flower garden and farm with a range of animals. For kids the playgrounds are extensive and suitable for all ages. And you can end up in the Queen’s Park Café, for tea and something to eat.   Queen’s Park Farmers Market Queen’s Park Farmers market is full of quality organic produce, all of it local (within 25 miles of the M25). Voted the best Farmer’s Market in the UK in 2012! A few places to eat And we can recommend a few eateries all of which we […]

At our Queens Park workshop, Float glass, UV filtered glass and low-reflection glass are all types of glazing that we can use for your frame. Each have different qualities and prices and to give you an idea of the characteristics we have provided a summary of the different types of glass that can be used for your picture frame. Float Glass This is the glass that we use for the majority of our picture framing. It is 2 mm thick and is the glass most commonly used in the picture framing industry. It allows 90% light transmission. It is suitable for most types of picture framing that is displayed in most environments. Low Reflection Glass This is the ideal glass for minimising reflection and glare . Also blocks out some UV light although not to conservation grade. Low reflection glass has an almost 90% light transmission. This gives a clear and bright image with minimum reflection. This type of glass […]

Framing Sports Shirts/Tops Signed football shirts or rugby tops or other sports jerseys are regular items we get in for framing. Framed sports shirts make a great display item and mounting the shirt in a picture frame beneath glass in a tape sealed picture frame, gives good protection and can prevent deterioration. Usually sports jerseys are framed in box frames, which from a practical point of view, keeps the glass from pressing against the shirt, but also enhance the displayed shirt visually. We can also add other associated memorabilia such as tickets or programmes along with the shirt as in the examples below. How we frame sports shirts? The first thing is to take care, at every stage of the process. If it is a football, rugby or other sports top, often we will iron it to make sure it is flat and and there are no wrinkles. Often the shirts are made from synthetic material so a cold or […]

In Queens Park funny how things go around in circles, from growing up in the area and going to local primary (Salusbury Road) and secondary (Queens Park Community School) schools the owners of Worldly Wicked and Wise now do regular picture framing for those local schools and others. Salusbury Road primary school, just along the road from our shop and picture framing workshop is still there and thriving . We picture frame for school events, which can be children’s work or artwork donated for auction and we frame for many of the parents that live locally. We regularly donate and/or help out at their events. We have an equally strong relationship with Queens Park Community School, which used to be called Aylestone High back in the day! We frame students pictures each year at their annual 5th and 6th form exam work exhibition and have been doing so for over 10 years. We also frame large scale, framed work for […]

Choosing from Queens Park picture framers will have a notable impact on the finished look of your piece. A custom made frame is selected in conjunction with you, and made by an experienced picture framer based on the project being worked on, and can provide stunningly beautiful end results. Not only will the quality of workmanship be greater than that of a ready-made picture frame, but it will also be specifically tailored to suit your needs, from the colours chosen to the materials used for framing. Custom-Made Picture Frames A custom framing job consists of many aspects, each chosen to enhance the beauty and appearance of your photo or artwork. Some of these aspects include: •    Frame moulding •    Backing •    Mountboard •    Glazing •    Hardware The moulding is usually made of metal or wood, although high quality plastic may sometimes be used. Wood is an especially great choice for moulding, as there are many choices of colour, grain pattern […]