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Clients Testimonials

  • The Frames look lovely, thank you.

    Katharine Meymell, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library Exhibition on the South Bank, March 2012
  • I am the Interpretation Manager for ‘Victoria Reveal’. Thank you for mounting the photos so beautifully and for your patience with all our problems.

    [In relation for March 2012 reopening of Kensington Palace]

    Alexandra Gaffikin AMA Kensington Palace
  • Thank you so much for doing a great job at short notice. The Frames look great and the private view went well.

    Best wishes and thanks again.

    Susan Johankanecht, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library in the South Bank Centre, March 2012
  • Received and look good, artists are happy.

    [In relation to Exhibition at the South Bank Centre]

    Chris McCabe, Southbank Centre

Framing Sports Shirts and Memorabilia

Framing Sports Shirts/Tops

Signed football shirts or rugby tops or other sports jerseys are regular items we get in for framing. Framed sports shirts make a great display item and mounting the shirt in a picture frame beneath glass in a tape sealed picture frame, gives good protection and can prevent deterioration.

Usually sports jerseys are framed in box frames, which from a practical point of view, keeps the glass from pressing against the shirt, but also enhance the displayed shirt visually.

We can also add other associated memorabilia such as tickets or programmes along with the shirt as in the examples below.

How we frame sports shirts?

  • The first thing is to take care, at every stage of the process.
  • If it is a football, rugby or other sports top, often we will iron it to make sure it is flat and and there are no wrinkles. Often the shirts are made from synthetic material so a cold or warm, not hot iron in necessary.
  • Then we lay it out on the chosen background – mountboard or foam board -  folding arms symmetrically. If it is particularly heavy top, we will cut an outline of card to put inside the shirt to prevent it from sagging.
  • The next stage is to fix the shirt to the backing board and we do this either with simple small stainless steel pins or more commonly by gently stitching with cotton thread. We do this very carefully ensuring no damage to the shirt and making sure all the tread or pins are hidden.
  • Then we fit the mount inside the frame and continue to put together the box frame around it. The frame is then sealed with conservation tape.

Sports and other Memorabilia

Just about any sports and other memorabilia can be framed; football shirts, rugby tops, hockey or other sports tops, tickets, programmes, football, rugby or other balls, caps, the list is endless.

A nice way to frame to several items of sports memorabilia is by putting them all together in a deep, tall frame, like a locker with a glass door. With this type of frame a shelf can be included and several pieces maybe a football top, a football, the programme, photos and ticket can all be included together.

We have occasionally framed the shirts of whole team although, more often it is one signed shirt.

If you have any sports or other memorabilia you would like framed, you can bring it along to one of our workshops, we will talk through ways of framing it and help you chose a frame, style and mountboard so you can be entirely happy with the final presentation.

If you would like an indication of the likely price, then give us a call or use the contact form, describing the work, and we will give you a guide price.

We look forward to hearing from you.