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Clients Testimonials

  • Received and look good, artists are happy.

    [In relation to Exhibition at the South Bank Centre]

    Chris McCabe, Southbank Centre
  • The Frames look lovely, thank you.

    Katharine Meymell, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library Exhibition on the South Bank, March 2012
  • I am the Interpretation Manager for ‘Victoria Reveal’. Thank you for mounting the photos so beautifully and for your patience with all our problems.

    [In relation for March 2012 reopening of Kensington Palace]

    Alexandra Gaffikin AMA Kensington Palace
  • Thank you so much for doing a great job at short notice. The Frames look great and the private view went well.

    Best wishes and thanks again.

    Susan Johankanecht, Artist Exhibiting at the Poetry Library in the South Bank Centre, March 2012

Picture Framing

Picture Framing to the ‘Commended’ Level

  • Our ‘Standard’ type of framing is equivalent to ‘Commended’ framing
  • The Fine Art Trade Guild call it ‘Commended’ level framing and this is what they say about it.
  • Commended Level framing should visually enhance the artwork and will give a moderate level of protection from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollution and acid damage
  • A windowmount or slip should normally be used to visually enhance the artwork and distance it from the glazing
  • Processes do not have to be reversible so make sure your framer knows if the chance to get your work back to its condition prior to framing is important to you
  • Processes should be reversible whenever possible, as the future value of works cannot always be foreseen and work ‘in mint condition’ commands the best secondary market value.
  • The target time for this level of framing is around five years in normal conditions, but this can be improved by requesting Conservation Level quality of materials, such as mountboard, where you can afford it. The target lifetime assumes that artwork is not inherently unstable
  • Always have items and artwork that you value framed with the best possible materials; this will help them give you pleasure for longer.

What kind of artwork is it suitable for?

  • Commended Level Framing is suitable for replaceable artwork of limited commercial and/or moderate sentimental value and where visual appearance is important
  • Commended Level framing is not recommended for high value limited edition prints or original artwork, which should be framed to Conservation or Museum Level

Everything is included?

  • Absolutely everything is included, framed, strung ready to hang on the wall. And we give you whatever hooks you need to hang your work.

Other types of Framing

  • For more valuable work we apply Conservation quality methods and materials.
  • Your framer, in discussion with you, will best advise what is most suitable for your work.